• Information Technology


    Our information Technology unit is serving all sectors of economy...

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  • Financial Consultancy


    We are done with our Vibrant Financial Human Resources that...

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  • Travels & Hospitality


    Our Travels Department makes it convenient for our clients to...

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  • Corporate Training


    With our Professional Training Team, we organize season training for...

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  • Building & Construction


    With several versatile Building and Civil Engineers in operations, we...

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See what we can do for your business!

Experience & Focused Expertise

Clients usually come to Lutadex with a specific issue or need that requires solutions. We want to make sure that where your business pain manifests itself is the real problem and not some other hidden issue. Lutadex utilizes a CORE Analysis that investigates the issues and probes deeper to uncover base causes within the company.

Our Vision

To achieve service distinction in the area of Information Technology, Financial Consultancy, Travels & Hospitality, Corporate Training, Building & Construction.To enhance all Sector of the economy. At Lutadex we believe in Passion for quality, Integrity, Creativity, respect for all, corporate responsibility.